wow! hey hi hello. glad i caught your eye enough for you to check out the about! when i say type "about", i probably should clarify i mean about the website— not about me. (though, if you are interested in learning about me for whatever reason i do have a page for that) i digress, though; here you go:

Q. what does apt107 even mean?
A. the name comes from the kagerou project, a series very close to my heart. it's the apartment number of the mekakushi dan's hideout!
Q. who's this blue girl?
A. that's ene! ...again, from kagepro (see the theme here?). she's a cyber girl who lives in one of the main characters' computer (and phone, sometimes...) and no, she is not miku! though they do look very alike.
Q. why does this place exist?
A. lord, okay, getting to the philosophical stuff quick, huh? i'm planning on writing a bit about it in a blog post, but the long and short of it is that i stumbled across a tumblr post on neocities and got inspired. the more i learned about the indie web + the driving purpose behind the revival of personal websites, the more i fell in love with it. basically, i just want a little home in a corner of the web that's completely my own.
Q. why's your updates box on the homepage so detailed?
A. studying history, i'm painfully aware of how the minutiae of things we later want to know about easily, easily slips through the cracks and is lost. it's also personal— when i was a lot younger i deactivated my deviantart account and ended up losing so much of my own history. it's one of the things i regret deeply, so i want to try my best to record things as much as i can here.
Q. where did you get all these pictures from?
A. a lot of places! the header, footer, sidebar, and miscellaneous ene images (excluding buttons) are ones from the kagepro wiki that i've edited. eventually, i will make a page of links for sources. it's one of the top things on my to-do list! i'm a hobbyist artist, so i am aware of how important credit is and i'll try my best to link back to everything.
link to my personal about is over there... sorry it's small... i'm shy >>; --->