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hello! i'm kinda shy and don't like talking about myself very much, but i will try my best.
i'm a uni student currently studying classics (if you don't know, that's like ancient greek and roman stuff!). i enjoy the subject a great deal, but i ultimately am aiming to go into library science. classics only really lends itself to high level academic research or teaching, and i love learning about... a lot, really, so i don't want to tie myself down to a single discipline for the rest of my life...
outside of that i like drawing, writing, and gamin'! well... i say that, but my interest and dedication to actually doing those things isn't all that consistent. it's just kinda how my brain works.
i like digital art and just simple doodling with pencil the most! i use clip studio paint currently, but that might change, since they are going to start using a subscription based model soon (adobe can burn in the deepest, darkest pit of hell btw!). i've been drawing for a long time, but i first began earnestly towards the end of elementary school. sometimes i wonder what little m would think of the stuff i am able to draw now. i think she'd be awed, in a good way, though. the thought of that makes me feel some sort of emotion in my chest i can't describe. in a good way, though.
i really only write for myself and my friends. usually, it's just little fics with my ocs and such. i tried my hand at roleplaying on tumblr recently, but i was really self-conscious about everything. perhaps it was because i was trying to write a canon character, perhaps it was because of social anxiety leaking thru onto the web, perhaps it was because of good ol' imposter syndrome— or maybe it was a mix of all three. it probably was that. things are usually like that, a blend of options and never anything perfectly clear, one-note and straightforward. anyways...
gaming. i don't actually play that many games, i don't think. i tend to stick with the things i know i like (ffxiv and splatoon, plus whichever gacha i am into at the moment).
ach, i said i don't like talking about myself too much, but i really went and said a lot... the anonymity of the internet really does wonders, huh?
(originally composed on 2/12 and 2/14/2023)