2/21/2023 hewwo hi hello! i was surfin' the small web and wanted to talk a bit more... it has nothing to do with ever-looming assignments! coughs. anyways. turns out when i have free time the little creature(?) who is in charge of my creative brain juice refuses to cooperate with me, and whenever i am extremely busy, it decides to go buck wild. i am professionally diagnosed with adhd, i should not be surprised at this fact by now.
...anyhow. im working on stuff, i prommy! it's just that i have switched to a "proper" coding. enviroment. thingy (im a humanities major give me a break) and so am no longer on neocities refreshing my page every five minutes seeing if what i did broke everything or not. particularly, im trying to finish my personal about page— it's coming along nicely! but unfortunately, uni has picked back up and it's already going full swing so progress might be stunted... but yeah! :3c im excited, i think itll turn out rly well. (oh! ps! i have an email now, specifically for this website. it is m.apt107@proton.me <--- highlight there for link!)
12/29/2022 wow where have i been... wow. anyways. school has been kicking my ass and ive had one hell of a december (ie when my break would be) so i havent really found a moment to work on this. i mean i have but the precise alignment of the stars that allows me to accomplish anything (read: adhd) hasn't happened until now so. yeaaaahh. anyways! i wanted to throw this up. um,, i might be revamping this a LOT (i want to back it up on archive.org [my beloved] and locally of course though as preservation n stuff)— i have Ideas tm and i am excited to try and execute them! nervous bc hot damn im rusty on this and i dont know if i would describe myself as "proficient" in html and web stuff before but excited. please look forward to it :)